Midge Defence

Scotland is a beautiful an very welcoming country with plenty for visitors to see and do. Unfortunately there is one problem that many people encounter: the infamous biting midge. Clouds of these wee beasties can be found anywhere, especially in the countryside near water - exactly the type of places for which Scotland is famous. To make things worse, midges are most active and the problem worst during the summer at the height of the tourist season.

In the spirit of "know your enemy" this site is designed to tell you all about midges and give information on their bites and how best to avoid them. We can't get rid of midges and you probably can't escape them completely, but at least way you'll have some defence against the critters.

Essential Midge Information
Much of the information on this site is applicable to other biting insects such as mosquitoes, however the Scottish midge is the focus here.

Please note that this is not a medical site and does not offer personal advice. Please read the site terms of use.

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